May2015MuskySmThe month of May marks the end of steelhead fishing season in Lake Erie tributaries.   Attention at this time of the year is focused on the lake, bay and pier fishing.  Fishing prospects for the next few months will be focused on bass, perch and walleye.   You can add pan-fish, pike [pickerel, northern, musky], catfish, and a variety of “junk-fish” as well. The 31 inch musky pictured to the right was caught recently in Presque Isle Bay while targeting smallmouth bass. Looks like a speckled sea trout!

Not a bad lineup for the summer season.   Largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing gain popularity at this time of the year because just about all bodies of water hold bass.  

I will clean and eat perch, but I find fishing for them tedious. A spreader rig and heavy weight dropped into 50’+ of water leaves little opportunity for a “quality fight”. Walleye is a better fishing choice because of their larger size and great taste. Unfortunately, they fight like a wet sock too. The northern pike and muskellunge are fun to catch, but I have yet to find a lake that holds a large population of these fish. I trust during the summer you will keep your fishing skills sharp.

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