December 2014 Steelhead Fishing -  “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. . . ”. (Dickens Tale of Two Cities) I believe that descriptive phrase is applicable to steelhead fishing during the month of December.  While fishing this month, you may experience some of your best fishing days on Lake Erie tributaries, or a long, cold, wasted, fishless day.   The key to success is finding the steelhead. Late November ice and snow followed by rain flooded the watershed and flushed the tributaries clean of leaves and debris. That is the good news. The November steelhead moved. That is DecemberbCthe rub!

Find them and catch them – it is as simple as that. Single eggs, egg patterns, nymphs, jigs, minnows, or sacs drifted under a float or on the bottom catch plenty of December fish. Steelhead seem to be in a “biting” mood as the water temperature gets colder.  If you have always tried to catch a steelhead, but failed.  December is for you.

Yes, but fish where you ask? Explore the standard post high water locations upstream. Once you find the steelhead, read the water there and go to other nearby locations that match DecemberbBthat pattern. If you find a large pod of fish, release what you catch and enjoy days of fun before they depart upstream or get a ride down Route 79 in a cooler.

As long as daytime temperatures are in the upper 30’s and above, you will find that December fishing days are wonderful.   Get out while you can. The next hard freeze could arrive any day now!

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