image001Where are the steelhead? - Every steelhead season the debate begins about the number of available steelhead this year verse a previous year.  Likewise, every day during the season, anglers ask where are the steelhead holding - upstream, at the mouth, in fast water, or in the deep holes?  When you see wandering groups of anglers parading up and down the stream, you know they can't answer that question.

Anglers have limited time to fish for steelhead.  Once or twice a year they make the pilgrimage to Erie and hope for the best.  Unfortunately there will be times when weather, water, or hard to find steelhead will spoil their trip. Local anglers who fish more often have learned to accept the down times.  They have developed strategies to overcome steelhead fishing challenges.  Every trip has the potential of being that once in a lifetime fishing day.




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Low water challenge - If Erie repeats the climate history of the last several seasons then you can look forward to a low water - slow start to the fall run.  

Low water angling requires stealth and small presentations two basic characteristics of successful fly anglers.  That is why I believe that another low water start to Lake Erie steelhead run will give fly anglers an advantage!  Tiny nymph tandems catch plenty of low water steelhead.  

We can all agree that tossing a wad of skein into your favorite tributary may not be the best strategy for catching early season steelhead.






Early seaon video clips - This old clip shows a good way to fish for steelhead in September.  In the early part of the season, tributary flow is low and the water is too warm.  The best way to catch a steelhead is at the lake by casting lures.



How many steelhead will run your trib? The fall steelhead run is still weeks away so any post now is only relevant if it discusses preparations or prospects. Let’s go with prospects.

What “stocking year-class” of steelhead smolts will form the majority of fish running this fall?

Here is what the professional biologists tell me.




Homepage1Bookmark FSA & visit often - To be beneficial, a steelhead fishing website should inform, instruct, and inspire the reader.  Your level of experience will determine what to read and what to overlook.  If fishing puts a smile on your face, then read-on!

Most anglers who visit this Fish Steelhead Alley Website have fished Erie, caught steelhead and know most of the “where, how and with what” that makes for a successful trip.  The challenge for creating a good Website is a presentation that satisfies all experience levels.

All the content on this Website will be worth reading and viewing.  It has plenty of embedded links and a standard search option to help you find what best suits your needs.  This basic format will make the home page – landing page a starting point for all readers.  You can review the most recent posts on the home page and click on the embedded links that suit your experience level or you can use the search function to find a topic of interest to you.