Nov15bLake Erie Steelhead Season November 2014.   October is the fishing month, but November is the catching month.  Expect catch rates to increas during November.  Click "Fishing reports, tips,& news" item in the Main Menu for the lastest info and fishing reports.

Proven best baits are single eggs, egg sacs, double "fly tandems", woolly buggers and spoons [on the pier and lake shore].  The major "jig ElkNov14-1bite" is here as water temperatures drop this month.  Add jigs to your bait rotation.  They are a good "prospecting bait" to use as you search for active pods of steelhead.

All anglers face the same challenge.  Picking a fishing date that matches time off with good fishing.  Pods of fish can be found in all Lake Erie tributaries, but they are very "nomadic".  Here today and gone tomorrow.  The lower sections of streams will briefly hold fish that move upstream overnight or during a brief rain shower.   You must fish where they are.  No fish - move!