Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Report

Before you think that this is the worst October start to the fall run check this out. Records for the past 37 years rank water flow on Elk Creek for October 4, 2023 as below normal, but not the driest. That would be 1992. If you want an October blowout for this day, you need to travel back to 1987. Yes, we are dry, but it will turn around this weekend. Here are the stats in Cubic Feet Per Second. Today's flow is 1.18 CFS.


Next two days will be too warm and dry for steelhead fishing, but fall temperatures and rain arrive on Friday. Check the weather link below, it is promising. 4-days of rain starting on Friday! Check the wave forecast below. Heavy north or northwest surf will push steelhead closer to the shoreline. Plan your fishing trip when you see wave and water forecasts that are favorable.

Continue to fish Trout Run & Godfrey Run when the lake surf is fishable. This 10-day forecast will provide all the information you need 10-DAY LINK.  Prepare for crowds until rain scatters fish and anglers LAKESIDE FISHING TR LINK. - LAKESIDE FISHING ELK CREEK LINK.

Spend time fishing lower Elk Creek and the Walnut Creek Channel during low-light times of the day. The steelhead are concentrated along the lakeshore and the lower sections of the tributaries. This link provides a walking tour of LOWER ELK CREEK .

When the wind is 10+ out of the north, northeast or east, lakeside fishing is a challenge. Always check the wind forecast. You can access the lakeshore wind speed and direction by paging down this WAVE FORECAST LINK to the bottom of the page.

Just like the determined steelhead that made their way into the pools of Trout Run. Steelhead will navigate the trickle of Elk Creek and spend days cruising from the rocks to the lake. They need to avoid teasing jigs and flashing lures while they await the fall rain and the green light to head upstream. Walnut Creek Channel is another holding area of early steelhead that lack an upstream escape. 

Steelhead are determined creatures - the lack of rain is not keeping the fish from entering the tributaries. Unfortunately, the lack of flow exposes the fish to "stalk 'n catch" anglers. The steelhead will not last long in the shallow water.

How many steelhead this season and where read on . . . . 

 2023-24 Steelhead Run Numbers 


You can see the data and formulas used to create the run estimate by clicking here. More information is available in these posted articles and advice blogs on this Website  Those sources will help you fill in the blanks. If you have anything to share or need to ask a specific question, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..