Some days are not made for steelhead fishing, some days work gets in the way, and some days you just feel like kicking-back by putting life on pause. 

Today's weather, your work schedule or whatever makes watching some slideshows a better option.

The plan to develop title categories in which to place slides became cumbersome when a review of several thousand slides was the task. Scenery seemed easy, winter season is another slam dunk and anglers holding fish easy too.  This is a work in progress so expect more listings each day until we run out of images. Hover your cursor on a slide to pause the show for a better look and when you move it off the show continues.


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These blog posts are designed to help you catch steelhead or at least, learn how to do so.  Some were first written as a "fishing report" about a specific day so they now serve to inform anglers about techniques and baits that worked on a past trip. 

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