Seasonal patterns

Anlgers who have fished Lake Erie tributaties for many years all agree that seasonal patterns do exist.

Catching Lake Erie steelhead is possible for anyone who employs simple, well known techniques and baits.  If you can catch stocked trout, you will catch steelhead.  Most anglers catch steelhead!


Depending on your preferred presentation, here are some simple rules of thumb for you to follow if you are new to steelhead fishing.

Early season: Throw lures along the lakeshore where tributaries enter Lake Erie; fly fish small egg patterns, nymph tandems, small buggers; fish single eggs under a float; fish egg sacs or skein sacs with floaters on the bottom.

Mid-Season:  All "early season" suggestions; black or white jigs under a float; skein bags drifted on the bottom; fish Gulp and Power minnows under a float.

Winter Season:  Jigs under a float - color and size varies year to year; single eggs, egg sacs, and minnows.

Spring Season:  All "early season" suggestions and all "mid-season" suggestions.   When the water is off color, you cannot beat egg sacs. 

To the previous seasonal suggestions, you can add emerald shiners, woolly buggers and stone fly nymphs to any seasonal suggestion.


You can click the link below to view videos from each month in a steelhead season that show water and weather conditions.  You can see that seasonal patterns do exist.  Click here to see the videos.

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Good luck.