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Planning information

The ability to see the weather and water conditions in Erie County Pennsylvania before you leave home on your next fishing trip is very important.

Savvy anglers have the ability to translate the weather shown on webcams when they establish their fish catching forecast. Others make a "go or not go" fishing decision based on the Erie weather and resulting travel conditions.

Angler videos and photos are another good source of information. Make no mistake; the weather in Erie is unlike any other location so it deserves special attention when you plan a fishing trip.

Take a look at these three sets of images from top to bottom March 15, 17, 19.  You can see a wide range of stream conditions during this five day period.  Once the ice jam was blown-out by rising water, the stream was very fishable on the 19th.  




We benefit from seeing the Uncle John's Campground webcam that points at Elk Creek just north of Route 5.  The webcam provides valuable water and weather conditions.  An internet search reveals several webcams that will help you plan ahead by seeing the weather in Erie and Crawford Counties.

The  511 traffic cameras provide visual informantion on highway traffic and weather conditions.

The Waldamere Park camera at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park show the near lake weather, wave height and wind directions. That visual data helps everyone who fishes near the lake and especially boaters planning a bay or lake fishing day. When you combine the visual data provided by webcams and information provided by the National Weather Service, you can take it from there.