Trip planning

Planning your Erie steelhead fishing trip?  

Pre-planning will help you make the most of your time in Erie.  Getting started is easy, the devil is in the execution as the date draws closer! 

Once you pick a date, locate your preferred tributary, and check the current water and weather conditions, the first step is done   As the date draws closer, you need to monitor the weather and stream conditions to be sure you are willing to execute the trip.  

No matter how much you are looking forward to fishing for steelhead, there is no need to leave home if the streams are "blown-out". When you call the bait shop or your friend that lives in Erie and they say the tribs are blown-out.  Believe it. You will need to modifiy your date or be willing to fish the bay until the water levels drop. This video shows what it can look like.  The anglers you see in the video are fishing at Elk Creek, Walnut Creek and the two walking to the lake at Trout Run are just kidding themselves.  They may have left home before checking water & weather.  They may have convinced themselves it really does not matter.  It does!

A good information source for stream locations and public access is produced by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.  

The Erie weather channels provide excellent up to date reports and forecasts, but my favorite is the National Weather Service Posted NOAA also broadcasts on a radio channel that is available in Erie. You can also get an audio feed on your computer by clicking here: hover over the Erie Radio Tower icon and click on local forecast in the dropdown menu.

Check the stream gauge on Walnut Creek and Elk Creek[Brandy run].  You will need to calibrate the flow and temperature data reported on these websites by keeping track of those days and readings that suit your fishing style. Then make plans to go fishing when your best days match the existing conditions!

If you have no idea how to "read" the gauge numbers, take a look at the the Uncle John's Campground Webcam.  It shows Elk Creek just north of Route 5.  

Another camera provides Lake Erie wind direction and wave action through a webcam located at Trout Run.

Good luck planning and executing your next trip.