Plan for success

Where successful anglers fish and why depend on what presentation they use such as fly or spin, fake or food, all that means something. 

Brandy Run gauge is on a tiny feeder stream miles from the mouth of Elk Creek. If it read 30 CFS yesterday and drops to 10 today, upper Elk is fine, but lower Elk may still be tough fishing for some presentations. You need to formulate a plan to address that key variable.


I believe a good rule for addressing water flow on Elk Creek is a steady reading near 7 for multiple days provide decent fishing no matter what part of the tributary you fish. 

Finally, a weather check in advance for your trip is less about comfort- that is important – but more about fishing success. Keys to note, cloud cover, wind direction, air temperature, and barometric pressure. The bite is affected by each in some way.

Always check the 10-day weather chart that reveals important information that successful anglers use to out-fish the competition.

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Good luck.