Mid-winter steelhead

Mid-winter steelhead fishing goes through a series of water flow changes that make or break your trip. If you had been watching the weather and web-cams, you know that today was a blowout.  This water change followed a number of dry cold days that iced up the tributaries.

The good fishing days will be those when water levels drop prior to another ice-lock.  Play close attention to the wind direction and velocity. A heavy blow out of the north will slow the water flow on the lower sections of major tributaries and hold back the ice/slush heading north. Slow water freezes – enough said.

A  hot tip coming out of Ohio shows how unpredictable steelhead fishing can be. The stopped hitting black jigs. The better option was white jigs.  As crazy as it sounds, those fuzzy white, crappie jigs got the job done.


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Good luck.