Steelhead ice fishing

For those of us who have never ice fished for steelhead, you may see the practice as an experiment in the negative impact of hypothermia on the human body.   Sure this cure for cabin fever has caused a few cases of frostbite and plenty of facial windburns, but don’t let that keep you on the couch.

You first need an equally crazy partner to go with you. That person takes pictures of your success, carries all of the gear, and pays for lunch.

You need some basic gear as you can see in this photo.


Same steelhead baits that worked in open-water will work when you are vertical fishing down an 8” hole in the ice.

Don’t worry about the “how to” specifics.  Fish where there are other ice anglers and you will see what bait and presentation that works best on that day.

Best time of day is early and late just like open-water days, and cloud cover helps too.

Cabin fever cure or a hypothermia death sentence, you decide! 

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Good luck.