Late January fishing report

I recently spent 2-days wandering around Westside tributaries pretending to ice fish for steelhead.  As I now look back, my wife and I spent more time at the Imperial Buffet on Peach Street than I did vertical jigging in an ice hole.

I did not catch any steelhead, but I was lucky enough to arrive at the Walnut Creek Marina basin and meet two anglers with a power auger. Getting skunked is always less painful when you don’t need to spud bar your way through 10” of ice! They cut all the holes I needed!

They also had a hut, heater and comfortable stools.  Before I arrived, they caught four steelhead jigging power minnows. 

I have decided that my lack of proper equipment and the late start after an extended breakfast with wife put me too close to the “skunk” to avoid the stink!  To be honest, the best part of this trip was the end.

If you are considering a fishing trip to Erie, I recommend the Imperial Buffet for lunch and the Walnut Creek Marina for safe ice. 

I snapped a few images – Elk Creek and Trout Run plus the PF&BC harvesting steelhead at Trout run.