Lake Erie smallmouth bass

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Spring smallmouth bass fishing on Lake Erie tributaries, Presque Isle Bay and along the lakeshore continues until the summer heat drives the fish to post spawn deeper water.

You need to experiece Lake Erie smallmouth fishing once in your life. They are large, plentiful and ready to make your fishing day!

To begin with, the smallmouth are following baitfish moving into the warmer, shallow water and then they make a spawning run into the tributaries.

Boat anglers have an advantage because they can fish the mouths of the tributaries, the bay and all shallow water lakeshore locations. Shore anglers do well also when they concentrate on the lower sections of all tributaries.

Presentations/baits are the standard smallmouth offerings – minnows, tube lures, crankbaits, jigs, etc.

You will catch other species too.

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Good luck.