Want to catch steelhead? . . .  Use fish eggs.

Generally speaking, anglers in the steelhead world fall into 4 distinct groups. They choose their preferred fishing presentation because it has served them well, and they avoid trying other options in which they lack confidence. You must have faith in what you are using to be a successful angler.

Those groups are bait, metal, jig, and fly anglers. Yes, there are narrowly defined sub-groups that use specific equipment as part of their fishing presentation, but for the most part, a steelhead fishing group is defined by what is on the end of their line! 

I have a heavy box full of lures that seldom get wet. I have nymphs and egg pattern fuzz balls that usually get an annual cast or two. I have tied and carry every possible type of jig which I use in the cold months of steelhead season.  

I like to feed steelhead rather than fool steelhead, but I am not a purist. I will use what works; however, in my experience I catch more steelhead with bait.

When you spent time watching what type of presentation other anglers use, the most productive method is obvious. Based on my observations, year in and year out some form of fish eggs catch more steelhead than any other fishing presentation. Fish eggs would include egg sacs, skein, single eggs or even the “bead” – that is nothing more than a hard plastic single egg imitation and a strategically placed snagging hook.

Any trout or salmon egg, mature or skein, qualifies as fish eggs.

If you are reading this you probably know how to use single eggs, egg sacs and skein. If not, you can click the links embedded there.

Basically, egg sacs are the easiest “egg bait” to fish. Put one on your hook, cast into a fishy spot, and wait for a strike. What separates the catchers from the watchers is the quality of the egg sac, fishing where steelhead are holding, and recognizing the bite.  Sound easy right?

Here a two videos to watch.

The first uses the “drop and drag” sac fishing technique. The second uses the “drop and hop” technique. If you have any questions, drop me an email;

A video of success may prove the bait works, but does it little to help a new sac-angler catch steelhead. So this is where I share the carefully protected secret that solves the fish catching riddle, but unfortunately the “secret” is more common sense than restricted information.

Fishing fresh bait where the steelhead are holding puts you on the doorstep of success. Now you need to recognize the bite, set the hook, land the fish and repeat as often as possible while the fish are active.

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Good luck.