Finally, a permanent excuse to go fishing or not!

In advance, I must admit that my wry sense of humor seems to escape most readers. 

My Twitter account was deleted when I decided to stray from fishing reports and steelhead data. Instead I used that platform to poke fun at the new president, grand-pap Joe, and his unfolding plan to unite the country after the departure of the divisive “orange-man”. 

The “tongue in cheek” post, I can only imagine produced a chuckle for some, but it did result in a nasty rebuke I received from another reader.

Given the state of our country at this point in time, you may realize now what I sensed then . . . or not your choice!

Posted on Twitter prior to my ban.

Alert for those who cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction. 

This is not a fishing report just the ramblings of an aging angler stuck on a planet were common sense is against the law! 

You have been warned, read on if you like . . . 

Title - Finally, a permanent excuse to go fishing or not!

Our house electricity suddenly went off, the house was dark and my wife began to screech in horror!  I assured her not to panic. This is the new normal I said, Biden’s dark winter has arrived.

She looked perplexed so I continued by reading the new religious text from the “book of Biden” chapter one verse one.  Each planet associate was issued a copy on January 20, and encouraged to avoid dire consequences by reading it daily. I received an early copy in October. It arrived in the box of election ballots that was my “work from home” task for the week. I can tell you, reading the words of “joe,” provided a welcomed break from the monotonous task of signing, sealing and mailing ballots. [By the way, never lick the envelopes, use a sponge to wet and seal them to avoid blue lips.]

As I said, the book of Biden reads, The New Green Global Power Elites illuminate the world. Squad be praised. It shall divide the world into power grids and each tribe shall share the bounty of the wind. Squad be praised.  

I continued in the book of Biden chapter one verse two, when the wind ceases and uneasy calm falls over the desolate lands between the east and west coasts of the country previously known as, America, anglers, young, old, male, female and all other made-up genders, must done masks, waders and fish without ceasing. Squad be praised.

At this point in our conversation, I did admit that my ability to translate the book of Biden from Krypto to English needed some work, but I assured her the fishing part was accurate.  She was not willing to agree with me. Imagine that!

Instead she grabbed my copy of the global political bible - American version, looked at the text and countered with a translation that replaces “fishing without ceasing” with playing bingo without ceasing.  I stood my ground and said, now that is just crazy and totally wrong, and misrepresents the book of Biden.

I now realize that it will not be long before she starts to deny climate change.  I must schedule another government sanctioned Krypto class, improve my translation skills and search the scriptures to find another fishing loop-hole.

As for me, I have no love for Donald Trump the man, but I love his America first agenda, his trade policies, his support of the police - law and order, his stand on immigration, his pro-life stance, his policies that made America energy independent, and his deregulation efforts. 

You may hate the man, but do you also hate the America that resulted from his administration. Are you thrilled with what American has become now?

Come on man!